Desserts are one of the products commonly avoided by low-carb
enthusiasts. It is so tasty, so crunchy and …so high carb. Well,
not any longer! The dessert recipes offered in this book are great
for breakfast, lunch, and as a separate snack.
Of course, low-carb baking is different and uses some distinct
ingredients, thus not each cake will come out similarly fluffy and
crunchy at the start. Just take your time, be patient, and you will
learn to bake some excellent confectionery.
The ketogenic diet excludes flour and cereal
But now we have a solution for everyone who wants to go lowcarb
and cannot see their meal without a piece of cake. Of
course, any baking depends on the specific ingredients, and in
particular healthy baking. We suggest you replace prohibited
flour with almond, coconut, or ground psyllium husk powder.

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