Popular diets keep coming and going, and the newest love of
nutritionists is the ketogenic diet. It’s been recognized as the
most reasonable approach to slimming down, allowing for sound
and appropriate foods along with gradual and stable weight loss.
Let’s start from the top: keto is a diet rich in fats.
It detoxes the body.
The menu must be developed individually and only by a
medical professional.
It is tasty and does not exclude your favorite meals.
People need glucose to keep functioning. It is a vital source of
energy and something that our body cannot produce but instead
derives from carbohydrates in the food. There is a small stock of
this biological fuel in your liver and muscles, but it’s only enough
for about one day. Once you’ve stopped eating carbohydrates,
your body will extract glucose from proteins. Should the
amount of glucose from proteins be insufficient, it will
switch to the substitutes named ketones.
For a long time, it was believed that once you stop filling
your body with carbohydrates, it will run out of glucose
and stop, but fortunately, it is more complicated than
that: lacking carbohydrates, the body starts extracting
glucose from proteins, and when not getting enough, it
switches to the substitutes called ketones.
What Ketones Do
They provide your body with more energy.
They stimulate brain functioning.
They don’t decrease muscle mass.
They eliminate insulin production failures.
Ketones come directly from the fat deposits so you can be sure
that the pounds lost once you’ve gone keto are not from the
muscle mass. Moreover, ketones make a more efficient “fuel”,
making you, literally, more energetic. They also stimulate
brain activity and relieve insulin production failures.

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