Brownie Pops

Prep Time 30 Minutes • Start to Finish 2 Hours 45 twinkles • Makes 15 elf

• 1 box( 1 lb2.4 oz) Betty Crocker Original Supreme Premium elf blend
• Water, vegetable oil painting and egg called for on elf blend box
• 15 paper lollipop sticks
• 1 package( 14 oz) red delicacy melts or sheeting wafers
• Red decorating sugar or delicacy sprinkles
• 1 block of white plastic craft froth

1 Heat roaster to 350 °F( 325 °F for dark or nonstick visage). Grease 8- or 9- inch square
visage with shortening or cuisine spray.
2 Make fairies as directed on box, using water, oil painting and egg. Singe as directed on
box. Cool fully, about 1 hour.
3 Place visage of fairies in freezer 30 twinkles. Cut fairies into 15 blockish
bars, 5 rows by 3 rows. Roll each cube into a ball.
4 In small microwavable coliseum, microwave oven delicacy melts uncovered on Medium
( 50) 1 nanosecond; stir. Continue microwaving and shifting in 5-alternate supplements
until melted; stir until smooth. Dip tip of 1 lollipop stick about ½ inch into melted
delicacy and precisely fit stick into 1 elf ball no further than half. Dip
Elf ball into melted delicacy to cover; valve off excess.( Reheat delicacy in mi-
crowave or add vegetable oil painting if too thick to fleece.) incontinently sprinkle with deco-
standing sugar. Poke contrary end of stick into froth block.
1 elf Pop Calories 360; Total Fat 15g( impregnated Fat 8g, Trans Fat 0g); Choles-
terol 30 mg; Sodium 180 mg; Total Carbohydrate 55g( Dietary Fiber 0g); Protein 2g
Carbohydrate Choices 3 ½

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